AHC Documentary in UK

The AHC Documentary crew were invited to the AHC support group family meeting in Gerrard Cross, England this week.

The meeting was held at the National Epilepsy centre and was a huge success


Prof. Neville opening words

The crew recorded the presentations and interviewed Prof. Cross and Prof. Sisodiya.  We also interviewed 6 AHC parents



Siggi Johannesson gave a presentation on AHC Federation of Europe, AHC International Alliance, IAHCRC and AHC Documentary.



Prof. Helen Cross



Prof. Sanjay Sisodiya



Dominique Poncelin gave a very good presentation about current research on AHC





AHC Documentary final shots and editing

Exciting weeks where the crew is doing final shots and editing.


It is extremely difficult not to share too much but we can tell you that we have a very informative, enlightening, shocking, sad but also optimistic, positive and happy documentary for your viewing this summer.



Tracy Forrest Foundation supports AHC Documentary

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 20.07.59

The Tracy Forrest Foundation donated 5.000 usd towards the AHC Documentary this week.

Tracy Forrest

Tracy Forrest

TRACY FORREST CHAIRMAN/CEO Since founding WPC in 1974, Chairman and CEO, Tracy Forrest has guided the company along a successful path of strategic, controlled growth. Throughout his more than 41 years of construction industry experience, Tracy has fostered an environment of continuous improvement.

The AHC Documentary crew is ecstatic about the support and thanks Tracy and the tracy Forrest Foundation immensely for their very generous donation;)

Many thanks also to Cure AHC for their help getting this donation.

De AHC Vereniging Nederland supports the AHC Documentary


The AHC Association of the Nederland´s has joined other AHC Associations in supporting the AHC Documentary.

De AHC Vereniging Nederland was formed in 2005 by Willem Zorge and other AHC parents and has always been an important member of the AHC community and has contributed so much although they only account for less than 10 AHC champions.









Willem Zorge is the current president of the association and with him in the board of directors are Marion Zorge, Veronique Lans-de Nijs and Nienke Lentze

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 19.22.46

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 19.22.56



The Crew thanks De AHC Vereniging Nederland for their important contribution towards the AHC Documentary.

AFHA donates to AHC Documentary


AFHA – Association Francaise Hemiplegie Alternante donates 2500 Euro to the AHC Documentary.

AFHA group

AFHA is the first parent AHC association to be formed and has always been extremely active to raise awareness and push and support research on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood.

Current president of AFHA, Dominique Poncelin was also kind enough to participate in the Documentary.

AFHA board

AFHA board, Dominique to the right

We are honoured to accept AFHA donation and their support means a lot to the crew.



Editing of the AHC Documentary is ongoing

Agusta Fanney spends her time in the editing room these days.

Editing room

Editing room

Almost all of the interviews that have been filmed have been raw-cut and will be reviewed for first cut and fine cut this month.

There are still some filming and 2 interviews to be filmed and then we should have all the bases for the Documentary.

Next steps are colour editing, sound effects, finishing the screenplay, storyboard, graphic effects, voiceover and subtitles in 8 languages.

So as you can see there is a lot of work still to be done and we are still missing funds to finish the Documentary.

Directors chair

Directors chair

The AHC Video Library will open after the AHC documentary has been released and it will be open to the public both for viewing and for downloading. The Crew