Særún and Davíð support the AHC DOC

Davíð and Særún

Davíð and Særún

Særún and Davíð who are very dear friends of Sunna´s parents surprised us with a donation for the Documentary. Særún and Davíð have always been huge supporters of Sunna and her family. Særún even dedicated her 40th birthday concert to her. http://www.ahc.is/en/2012/09/singing-for-sunna/

Sæja að syngja

Særún and the concert

They have been running the Reykjavik Marathon these last years for Sunna and the AHC Association of Iceland.

Sæja og Sunna

Særún even dyed hair her pink for Sunna during the Marathon

The Crew thanks Davíð and Sæja for their contribution towards the AHC Documentary that will make a huge change for thousands of families.

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