AHC Association of Iceland donates 1 million to AHC DOCUMENTARY

Today the AHC Association of Iceland supported the AHC Documentary by donating 1.000.000 isk. (8600 usd).

Ragnheidur and Ágústa Fanney

Ragnheidur and Ágústa Fanney

The AHCAI board realizes that the project is of great importance for the whole AHC community, patients, parents, supporters, doctors and researchers. The amount and quality of information gathered so far for the AHC Documentary is so vast that is will be THE source for everyone that will ever be looking for information on this disorder in the future.

Therefore the AHC Doc crew has decided to create a special project called “The AHC video library” that will be released in the summer of 2015.

plaggat 1.3 Delta

Ragnheidur Erla Hjaltadottir vice president of AHCIA presented Ágústa Fanney Snorradóttir with the large check today.

Ágústa Fanney said: “I´d like to thank the AHC Association of Iceland for the support. The making of the Documentary has already made a positive impact on the AHC community and now we are one step closer to finishing the project.”

The AHC Association of Iceland thanks Ágústa Fanney and the whole crew for embarking on this project that perhaps in the beginning seemed quite small but is growing every step of the way.

We just hope that the end result will be of great value for the AHC community and for all diseases rare and common

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