AHC Documentary crew at Duke University

The AHC Documentary crew visited Duke University Medical Center in November and met with Dr. David Goldstein,

Dr. Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein

Dr. Mohamad Mikati and the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Multidisciplinary Program and Clinic staff.

Dr. Mikati

Dr. Mikati

They also got to visit the lab where researchers discovered the mutation that is responsible for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood,  ATP1A3.


The visit was a great success and the crew was met with the utmost hospitality.
The crew was also invited to the Cure AHC headquarters where they met with 3 AHC families.

Cure AHC was extremely helpful during the visit and supported the Documentary by providing them with a hotel among other things.


Mrs. Wuchich

To this date the AHC Documentary has visited:
Reykjavik, Iceland
Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Lunteren, the Netherlands
Raleigh/Durham, NC (USA)
They have interviewed 28 parents and AHC champions and 25 professionals.
Filming of the documentary is almost done but now the editing will start for real.
All the interviews will be available on the AHC Video Library that will open after the AHC Documentary has been released.

We are still looking for potential supporters, please contact Sigurdur H. Jóhannesson siggijo@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting the projects.


AHC Documentary crew

AHC Documentary crew

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