AHC Documentary

At the AHCF family meeting in Minneapolis the AHC documentary film crew was busy filming and taking interviews with parents, AHC patients and doctors.

The AHC foundation and the Hilton hotel were accommodating to us and made us feel really welcome. The days of shooting were busy and we even had to add a day to the crew´s stay because we had so many people to interview. All in all we interviewed 34 people in 4 days.


The persons that have been gracious enough to participate in our documentary have been involved with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood since the disease was first discovered.
Name´s such as the Dr Eva and Frederick Andermann, Dr. Silver, Dr. Swoboda, Dr. Reyna, Dr. Sweney, Dr. kevin Ess, We interviewed the president of the AHCF Mrs Lynn McDonald Egan and president of the AHC Foundation of France Dominique Poncelin and some amazing parents and AHC champions.

Our next interviews for the documentary will be in Lunteren, Netherlands at the 3rd ATP1A3 symposium. Thereafter we will be shooting in Reykjavik, Iceland, Raleigh NC and in Nashville TC.

We are still looking for potential financial supporters for the documentary.

If you want to support the project please contact siggi@ahcfe.eu


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