The AHC Documentary Project

A Documentary that will be distributed all over the world to find the lost children of AHC.

AHC is a rare disease that causes temporary paralyses (that can last for weeks), dystonia, epilepsy and permanent mental delay.

In 2012, scientists discovered a gene mutation that causes an ultra rare and inhibiting disease called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC).

One in a million suffers from the condition, so there could be as many as 7000 people who have the disease and have not been diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Because of the discovery, we are now one step closer to a CURE.  Scientists are currently working on finding a drug that will hopefully cure the children who suffer from AHC.

The documentary will be distributed to hospitals and television stations all over the world to find the missing AHC children so that they can receive best possible care.

Viewers will learn about the disease and the film will inspire other parents to never give up on finding a cure for their children.

One thought on “The AHC Documentary Project

  1. I would really like to be a part of any and all information, research and development of ahc. From families, medication and fund raising.
    I do have some videos and will try tomorrow to share them as the place I am staying at (on holiday) only allows Internet connection in the restaurant and has now closed. Opens again at 6 tomorrow evening.


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