HUMAN TIMEBOMBS previewed in Washington, DC

At the ATP1A3 Symposium in Washington there were 2 previews of the AHC documentary “Human Timebombs”

On the first day, family day, we showed the film to parents mostly but there were also some specialists in the audience.

On second day we showed the film to the researchers and patient representatives at the symposium.

On both days the film got a standing ovation from the audience. They praised the quality of the film, how well it explains AHC in layman´s terms but also how moving it is without being too emotionally difficult to watch.

Águsta Fanney has done a fantastic job of balancing emotions and facts in the documentary and it is our belief that it will go a long way to put AHC on the map.

AF gjafir

Icelandic Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Data Specialists donate to AHC DOC

Flugstjórn Today we received a very generous donation from air traffic controllers and flight data specialists that work the Reykjavik Control area which is the second largest airspace in the world. BIRD These amazing people work side by side with Sigurdur, Sunna´s father, and have given the family a much needed support throughout the years. flugstjornarmidstod_vinna6 Flugturn_kikir_RGB_TA_exp0214_HQ The Crew thanks the ATCO´s and FDS´s ever so much for the donation and so do all the AHC champions in the world.

Dr. Michael Hisey supports the AHC DOC

Hisey 1

Dr. Michael Hisey, Spinal Surgeon supports the AHC Documentary.


Texas Back Institute physician Dr. Michael Hisey with his official FC Dallas Staff badge

The AHC DOC crew thanks Mike so much for his contribution towards the documentary that will affect thousands if not millions of families world wide.

Særún and Davíð support the AHC DOC

Davíð and Særún

Davíð and Særún

Særún and Davíð who are very dear friends of Sunna´s parents surprised us with a donation for the Documentary. Særún and Davíð have always been huge supporters of Sunna and her family. Særún even dedicated her 40th birthday concert to her.

Sæja að syngja

Særún and the concert

They have been running the Reykjavik Marathon these last years for Sunna and the AHC Association of Iceland.

Sæja og Sunna

Særún even dyed hair her pink for Sunna during the Marathon

The Crew thanks Davíð and Sæja for their contribution towards the AHC Documentary that will make a huge change for thousands of families.